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What's going on with Promotional Products?

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1. PromoKing wishes everyone Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Our best wishes for success, happiness and well-being in 2017.

2. John King, our CEO, participated at the Business Owners Roundtable on the Power of Video Marketing hosted by oGoing. Meet John at the upcoming Roundtable in August, September, October, November and December and learn how your business can benefit from promotional products through local marketing.

3. 2016 was great for the leading Orange County Promotional Products company. We signed several new clients including University of California, Irvine. We are doing really well in the first half of 2017 as well. Thank you customers!


What is the ROI of promotional products?

"Promotional products are one of the most impactful and cost-effective advertising mediums for businesses," according to an infographic produced by Colourfast and a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute.

85% of people remember the name of a company that has given them a promotional product, the infographic says, and 87% of consumers keep promotional products for longer than a year.

So which types of swag i.e. products should your company give away?

The Promotional Products That People Love

50% of people who own promotional drinkware use it 2-3 times per week, according to the infographic, and a whopping 91% of people who own promotional USB drives keep them. 58% of consumers own promotional t-shirts, while 50% of people own promotional bags. Only 29% own promotional calendars though. 50% of the people own promotional outerwear and fleeces and find them to really useful. Promotional umbrellas anyone? Only 25% of people own these. 

Whereas 63% of your customers give away the promotional product to someone else, 87% keep the promotional products that they find useful! 


ROI of Promotional Products - Best Products To Give To Customers