You Can Do It! by Napoleon Hill

  • Mar 10, 2019

Unless you are one of that small minority of human beings whose positive, self-reliant attitude toward life makes it unnecessary for them to be encouraged and who need no refuge in moments of distress, you will be wise if you cultivate some person who will take you by the shoulder in a kindly sort of way and say: you can do it!

If you visited the New York office of this magazine you would be greeted with these four words —You can do it!—the moment you stepped into the elevator, where they hang on a neatly framed card. When you stepped off the elevator you would be greeted with the same words on the front door.

As you entered the reception room you would see those words on every door to the private offices, and unless you happened to be in an unusually bad humor, you would be apt to feel the psychology of those words taking hold of you and filling you with belief in yourself.

If you stepped into the washroom of the offices you would see those same words on the mirror. You would find no other lettering of any sort on any of our doors. On the desk of every stenographer, you would see these “you can do it!” cards, and you would find one of them as the only adornment of my private desk.

Perhaps you would get the impression that those “you can do it!” signs were designed for the benefit of those who visit our offices, but they were not. They were created for the psychological effect they have on those who work in our offices, from the editor on down to the office boy.

What we all need, more or less, is self-confidence in abundance. Suggestion is a powerful factor in the development of self-confidence, and we all need such suggestion. These “you can do it!” signs are working wonders in our offices. They remind us, constantly, that we demand self-reliance.

From this time on, you will see these four words on every magazine published by the Hill Publishing Trust, including Napoleon Hill’s Magazine. You will see these words on practically every letterhead that leaves our offices, and you will see them on the outside of every envelope. Very soon you will see these four words on neatly designed cards, printed in colors, on the walls of every office you visit, because we have made up such cards for free distribution to all who ask for them.

This is a “you can do it!” age in which we are living and we want the whole of America to catch the thought and be guided by it. I am preparing to have a radio station installed in my office, through the aid of which I can speak to an audience of more than fifteen million people every Sunday afternoon, for the purpose of rendering them a service that will supplement the work being done through my pen. My decision to provide this additional means of serving came as a result of the “you can do it!” sign that looks up at me from under the plate-glass top on my desk and smiles out at me as I walk into my office.

These “you can do it!” signs were installed in our office only a week ago, yet everyone here has caught the spirit of them and it is manifesting itself in the quality and quantity of work we are performing. Write for one of these “you can do it!” cards and place it where it can work for you, quietly, silently, and subtly.

You can do it!


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