The Horrors of Selling

  • Sep 11, 2017

I have a copywriter who I have used for over 20 years ( he did the letter on the front page of my website) IF the enclosed is of interest you can subscribe at


Here's a news flash for you. The internet is overrun with
trolls, snowflakes and freebie seekers who expect you to
provide value, value and more value in return for … well,

You're apparently just supposed to give them everything they
want out of the goodness of your heart. Never mind that you
have a family to feed … a payroll to meet … and a retirement
account badly in need of a cash infusion.

Send out an email selling something, or close a blog post
with a product recommendation … and they'll react with
horror, as if you've just violated some moral law that
forbids such crassness.

And instead of doing the sane thing, and clicking
"unsubscribe," they sometimes send you an email telling you
what a miserable human being you are.

It seems they never stop to think about where their paycheck
comes from. The troll may not be in sales himself, but
somebody, somewhere is selling whatever good or service
their employer offers.

And the revenue generated by those sales is what puts the
moolah in his bank account.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs pay far too much attention
to these complainers -- and suddenly become bashful about
selling. So, to avoid upsetting a few whiners -- most of
whom will never buy anything anyway -- they sabotage their

Meanwhile, the online marketers who sell in every email --
despite the wails of a few offended snowflakes on their list
-- make out like bandits.

Don't get me wrong. Your emails still need to be somewhat
entertaining. And they still need to have some value. But,
with rare exceptions, they also need to sell something. The
fact is, if you have something of value to offer --
something that will improve the lives of those on your list
-- then you are doing them a favor by offering it to them.

And that's why I'm going to offer you something right now
that will help you write emails that help you build a better
relationship with your list -- and make more sales.

It's an email course by Michael Cheney, a British bloke who
has made a small fortune on the internet. His secret weapon:
daily emails (he actually sends three every single day!).
He's one of the true masters.

His emails are fun, informative and in your face. And they
are always selling something. No exceptions.  As a result,
he lives a lifestyle most business owners can only dream of.

If you want to improve the selling power of every email you
send out -- whether daily, weekly or monthly -- you can't go
wrong with Michael's course, Email Black Ops.


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