Promotional Products in Irvine, Orange County

  • Jul 21, 2017

The Best Promotional Products In Irvine, Orange County


I know you have dozens of alternatives when it comes to choosing a vendor for promotional products, promotional items and clothing in Irvine, Orange County, so please allow me to take just a moment to give you…

Five Reasons Why Promo King is Your Best Choice for the Promotional Products and Items You Want and Need in Irvine

1. I can help you create better, stronger and more effective promotions thanks to my successful 30-year career in sales promotion, direct mail and public relations in Orange County.

Decades of trial and error have taught me the difference between what works — and what just sounds great, but has no hope of bringing you the results you’re looking for. As a valued client, I’ll share that experience with you.


2. You get quality products and reliable service in Irvine because you’re dealing with Kaeser & Blair, one of the oldest ( over 100 years) and largest promotional product firms in the country.

And the proof is in the pudding as they say. Not only numerous Fortune 500 firms rely on Kaeser & Blair, including Pfizer, Chevron, State Farm Insurance, but also a local organization that we all know very well: The University of California at Irvine


3. You’ll protect your cash flow and be treated like a real business thanks to 30-day terms on approved credit. Most companies require you to pay in advance via credit card or check. Or they want you to make a hefty deposit.  But that’s just not the way I do business in Irvine.


4. You’ll have access to just about any promotional product in Irvine you can imagine. The enclosed catalog contains hundreds of our products. However, our online database has more than 200,000 to choose from. Whatever it is you want, I’m likely to have it.


5. You’ll save money thanks to my low every day prices. Better yet, you’ll save even more 29%-49%  when you take advantage of the screaming bargains you get with our Windjammer ( which you can access using the tab at the top of this website) which comes out six times a year  and yearly “Irvine Best Buys.”


Get started today with promotional products in Irvine

Over the last 12 years, I’ve helped hundreds of business and organizations in Irvine and Orange County use promotional products to generate more leads... make more sales... improve customer loyalty… reward employees… and so much more.

I’d love the opportunity to help you, too.  Why not let me show you what I can do?  Call me right away at 1-714-849-6552.

Thank you again for getting in touch with me. I look forward to working with you.


City of Irvine Awards and Fun Facts


• The Trust for Public Land ranked Irvine’s park system the 7th Best Park System in the U.S. based on acreage, facilities and investment, and access. 

• University of California, Irvine ranked 7th Safest College in America by the National Council for Home Safety and Security. 

• Irvine ranked 10th Best City to Live in America by, based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. 

• Irvine ranked 7th Best Place for Hispanic Entrepreneurs among the 150 largest U.S. cities by the personal finance website WalletHub. 

• Irvine ranked 4th Best City for Working Parents by SmartAsset. 

• Irvine ranked among 2017 Best Cities for a Green Career by personal finance website, 

• Irvine ranked 3rd Happiest City in the U.S. in a report by WalletHub. 

• Irvine ranked among 2017 Best Cities for Cybersecurity Professionals in a report by personal finance website, 

• Irvine ranked 5th Best City to Be a Homeowner by SmartAsset. 

• Irvine ranked among Top 150 Cities for Millennials by Millennial Personal Finance. 

• Irvine ranked 10th Best City for Women by American City & County. 

• Irvine ranked #1 Major City in Fiscal Strength by The Fiscal Times. 

• Sunset Magazine ranked Irvine as one of the Best Places to Live 2017 in highlighting its 20 Western Dream Towns.

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