I'm outraged by these five abominations

  • Sep 21, 2017

These days, it's all the rage to be outraged about
something, anything.

Pathetic losers get their kicks by turning every molehill
into a mountain ... and by trashing individuals and
businesses who don't toe the PC agenda in every rigid

So today, I've decided it's my turn to be outraged about
something -- namely the mistakes that are costing smart
business owners a fortune in lost sales and profits.

And what makes my outrage even more intense is the fact that
I've committed most of these outrages myself! Let's take a
look ...

1. For starters, I'm outraged by business owners who have
failed to formulate a Unique Selling Proposition ... thus
giving their prospects no good reason to do business with
them rather than someone else.

Every day, the world becomes more commoditized, which means
you have to work extra hard to point out what makes your
business unique -- and why that uniqueness brings a real
benefit to your prospect.

2. I'm outraged by marketers who make big, fat claims about
how great their product or service is, but offer no proof
that it's true.

These days consumers are more skeptical than ever. They've
been lied to ... misled ... and deceived time and time again
-- and they need testimonials, case studies, endorsements
and guarantees that give them the confidence to do business
with you.

3. I'm outraged by advertising that merely seeks to
entertain -- without actually trying to make a sale.

There's nothing wrong with entertainment. The world craves
it. We are mesmerized by it. And if you can entertain while
you sell, more power to you.

However, entertainment is never a replacement for selling.
After all, advertising is nothing more than "salesmanship in
print," as John E. Kennedy put it more than 100 years ago.

4. I'm outraged by business owners who fail to re-sell to
their past customers.

It's a lot easier and a lot cheaper to sell to someone who
has already done business with you than it is to bring in a
new lead. Yet, I'm astounded at how many businesses drop the
ball when it comes to keeping in touch with customers.

Example: I have never once heard from any salesperson I
bought a car from. And the most I ever heard from the dealer
is an occasional coupon for their overpriced automotive

But I never receive anything personal and nothing that gives
me a good reason to use their mechanics instead of my own.
Let alone something that might get me to come in and test
drive a new car.

5. I'm outraged by name, rank and serial number advertising
that fails to provide your prospect with good reasons to do
business with you or to take action now.

Prospects need a lot more than your business name, address,
hours and phone number. Everybody provides that. Instead,
give them reasons why they should choose you over your

Okay, I think that's enough outrage for one day. A man's
blood pressure can only go so high.


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